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This Tip is Worth the Price of Admission

Which now that I think about it . . . . . . admission here is free. So maybe . . . . this tip is worth more than the price of admission?

I suppose there are areas of the country where it seldom rains and the ground is rarely damp. I also suppose there are parts of the country where Giant Canada Geese don’t shit all over everything. Not so here in Minnesota. The ground can be wet and muddy at times. And, here in Rochester, Minnesota (notice our city logo with the big goose?) depending on where you are in the city, you may come across piles of gross green goose turds.

Silver Lake Park in northeast Rochester is home to most of the geese and I finally quit going there for photo sessions. It was seriously difficult to find a butt-sized patch of grass for a senior to sit on – that wasn’t covered with goose droppings. It’s such a problem the City spent $35,000 on some special machine to suck up the goose shit off our sidewalks. It looks like a Zamboni*. Craponi?  Shit-Sucker? Poop-Picker-Upper? (Sounds like a Dr. Seuss contraption.)

*(A Zamboni is the machine used to resurface the ice between periods in a hockey game or for figure skaters.)

Enough of that crap. On to the tip.

Plastic garbage bags – the black or dark green ones. Keep a handful in your trunk. Because I’m anal I lay them out flat and carefully cut them into 12-inch, or so, squares. I keep a supply of them in a little box in my trunk and I always stuff a few pieces in my back pocket before walking away from the car. 

Nothing adds to your retouching workload like having a senior do a one-knee-on-the-ground pose and having a big wet muddy blotch on their knee when they stand up. Or a damp butt when they sit. The little plastic squares work perfectly for keeping your clients dry and clean.

And in the event, your chosen spot was also recently the chosen spot of a dog or goose – or bear or moose depending on where you live – you’ve got it covered. So to speak.

Plastic garbage bags. They can be a session saver.

You know the drill. Ya got questions? Ask away. That’s what I’m here for. Send me a carefully worded email right here. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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