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My guess is it will not be lost on you that there aren’t very many close-up images of guys in this gallery. You may also likely notice there are both, in-studio and outdoor close-up portrait galleries of girls. Why do you suppose that is? I don’t know, I’m asking.

When I went through my hard drives pulling images for these galleries and this website I only looked at the “lab orders” folder for each senior. I wanted you to see the images seniors actually purchased and ordered prints from. The fact there are a limited number of close-up images in this gallery is directly reflective of the fact that over the years there apparently haven’t been very many guys that ordered close-ups.

I think the entire gallery is made up of fairly handsome guys wouldn’t you agree? But then there are a lot of handsome guys in the standing and sitting galleries as well and they didn’t order close-up portraits. Does it require more self-confidence on the subject’s part to want a close-up image? 

Am I grasping at straws for something to say about this gallery? Probably. But I also believe that to be a good photographer you need to be a student of human nature. You have to like people and it helps to have the desire to know what it is that makes them click.

I remember one summer doing pictures of a senior guy in the locker room set. I can’t picture the guy right now but I distinctly remember his Mother saying during the session, “Please do a close-up with him looking up at the camera, he looks just Princess Diana when he does that.” I think the guy wanted to crawl in a hole. Yes, Princess Diana was a beautiful woman – she’d always been on my bucket list of people I wanted to photograph. But not sure I’d want my son to look like her. (Now that I’ve edited this for the fourth time I happened to think that Prince William does look like his Mother. So I guess there’s that.)

Sorry, I don’t have more words of wisdom for you here. That said, if you have questions, about anything portrait photography related, please just ask. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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