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Sitting Poses for Girls Senior Portraits

Poses for High School Senior Girls – A Chair Affair


Second only to standing as one of the simplest poses for high school seniors, sitting poses provide even greater opportunity for variety. The challenge of course, if you don’t have a studio full of chairs, is . . . well . . . a lack of chairs.

That said I call your attention to the lowly cafe chair. Talk about the perfect prop. I had four of them in my studio; an old crappy natural brown wood finish; high gloss black; all red and all white.

Here are eight images, all using the same style of cafe chair. Keep in mind these chairs were identical except for color so don’t get hung up on that. It’s nice to have the different colors but you don’t need it.


Without question, the old crappy natural brown wood chair was the most popular. Because it didn’t look like a prop – it looked like something you’d find in anyone’s home. Mine was rescued from a dumpster in the alley out back when the attorneys next door were cleaning out their attic. (Whoever said attorneys were smart didn’t know my neighbors.;-)

I still have the brown wood one and I still use it. I got rid of the others. You can find these new or used. I suggest looking around for a restaurant supply store, many of them sell used equipment. Cafe chairs – obviously by the name – are a popular style of chair in restaurants. The chairs are light-weight – and if you’re a location only shooter – fit easily in the backseat of your car.

Lots of other ideas here. Enjoy.


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Sitting Poses and Lighting – Videos & Articles

What could possibly be more natural – especially for a high school senior – than sitting, lounging, laying, reclining – or otherwise engaged, with a chair. Learn how to create a variety of sitting poses in this post. READ IT HERE


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