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Three Significant Differences Between Girl and Guy Studio Standing Poses

You may just be muttering to yourself, “Good grief Meir, it’s a standing pose. They stand. What else is there?” ...
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Ideas for Simple Outdoor Backgrounds

It has always been my opinion that the simpler the background the better. Which, granted, is not always possible with ...
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Looking for Cool Outdoor Backgrounds? Aim Small.

In this post we’re going to look at two very similar images of senior guys. Both images use the same ...
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Simple Standing Poses for Senior Guys

Outdoor Standing Photo Poses for Guys  Certainly standing photo poses for guys is going to be one of your easiest ...
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Outdoor Close-Up Portraits – Learn to Look for the Light

“Wow,” I thought to myself, “this is some amazing light. Where the heck is it coming from?” “Amanda, sit up ...
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Five Quick and Easy Tips for Activity Poses

Raise your hand if you were involved in high school sports. How about orchestra or band? Drama club and theatre? ...
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Finding Natural Light Locations

This is Posing and Lighting Video Lesson #5. As opposed to being a lesson about what is, a fairly simple ...
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Photo Studio Lighting for a Flamenco Guitar Playing High School Senior

In today’s video and this post, we’re going to walk through the pose and the photo studio lighting setup for ...
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Simple Portrait Lighting and How to Use It

In this posing and lighting video, we’ll go through how to create this standing pose using a large light source ...
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In-Studio Standing Poses for Girls

In your opinion is there an easier way to pose a high school senior, than in a standing pose? You ...
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Learn Awesome Natural Sitting Poses for Girls Senior Portraits

I think you'd agree; every senior portrait photographer is always in need of new poses for girls. Whether you shoot ...
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Formal Senior Portraits – The Classic Head & Shoulders Pose

Formal senior portraits of boys will likely always be a bigger seller than formals of girls; which may have something ...
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Master the Formal Head & Shoulders Pose

If you would master one pose and one lighting setup that provides the techniques used in every other photographic pose ...
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Five Quick and Easy Tips for Outdoor Standing Poses

Here’s the good news for someone who wants to get started in high school senior portrait photography: You don’t need ...
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Create Beautiful Monochromatic Images with Seamless Paper Backgrounds

In this short post, you'll learn how to pose and light a high school senior girl in a standing pose ...
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How to Create This Outdoor Portrait Lighting Setup

Creating beautiful outdoor senior portraits is all about the lighting setup. And great outdoor lighting is all about choosing the ...
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Formal Senior Pictures header image showing four formal senior portraits

Posing and Lighting Formal Senior Pictures

Formal Senior Pictures - The Head & Shoulders Pose In this article, we'll talk about the finer points of posing ...
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Start Here . . .

What is This? SeniorPortraitPosingGuide.com is one of those things I always thought would be cool to have when I was ...
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Danger Will Robinson – Be Careful Doing Senior Portraits on Railroad Tracks

If you have teenage children - or are young enough to remember actually being a teenager - you've probably heard, ...
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