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Senior Guys Outdoor Standing Photo Poses

We’ve talked here before about High School Seniors not wanting to be posed. And you’ve probably read here as well that the reality is, they just don’t want to look posed.

I think there’s a psychological art form to being good at portrait posing. And it’s something anyone can learn.


Portray Confidence

To become a good portrait poser first work on your confidence. Or should I say the appearance of confidence? You need to instill confidence in your subject – that you know what in the hell in your doing.

If you’re fumbling with your lights and camera and muttering to yourself like you’re unsure of what you’re doing, when it comes time to look at the results, the client is going to pick apart every image.

Creating a standing pose image with a senior guy is not rocket science. But it does need to be fluid. You need to be in control.

Do I occasionally take the client’s suggestion? “Hey, how about if I stand over here like this?”

Of course, I do; once in a while.

But by being fluid, by knowing where I’m going (at the outdoor location) and by having a number of poses in mind, I’m demonstrating confidence in my own abilities and controlling the portrait session. The client doesn’t have a chance to say, “Hey about this?”

Keep in mind, we always do pre-portrait consultations so I already have a good idea of what the client wants. And before the session ends I’ll always ask them if we’ve covered everything they wanted. If we haven’t and there’s still time left, I’ll fill in the gaps.


Treat Your Senior Clients With Respect

The best tip I can give you, no matter who your client is: treat them with respect. You are the adult. And most kids, regardless of what people say, will listen to an adult. But not if you’re a dink and treat them like stupid kids.

Think about it from the senior’s point of view.

Most adults – many parents included, unfortunately – don’t have time for high school kids. They consider them a constant source of worry and expense.

Now here you are, spending anywhere from one to three or four hours, completely focused on them. You can treat them like a kid, consider them a means to an end, and you’ll get the same teenager attitude their parents and teachers get.

Or, you can treat them with respect. As an equal. You don’t need to become besties, just show an interest in them. Listen to what they say and you’ll be amazed at what you hear.

I’m not out to replace anyone, but it’s a pretty good feeling when some random kid you’ve only known for a couple of hours says, “I wish my Dad was as cool as you are.”

I read a quote recently by Stoic philosopher Seneca;

“Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for kindness.”

Good words to live by I’d say.

Enjoy the standing poses gallery and you know the drill; ya got questions? Ask ‘em. I’m here when you need me. Peace out.

Sample Gallery

Standing Poses and Lighting – Videos & Articles

Certainly standing photo poses for guys is going to be one of your easiest options in the realm of high school senior portraits. “Stand over there and lean against that building,” is pretty simple stuff. That said, you’ll want to develop a repertoire of standing pose variations that you can easily get your subject in to. READ HOW HERE


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