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The White Background – Versatility be Thy Name

A couple of years ago we were photographing a dance school. Groups and individual photos of about 250 dancers, ranging in age from four or five years on up to high school age.

I’ve known the coach for years; photographed her when she was a high school dance line member. After college, she coached the same dance line at the same school (talk about having an in with the coach) and then went on to start a franchise dance school. I don’t know that I’d ever photographed her on anything but the white background.

Anyway, when she asked me to help with her dance school photos she, of course, wanted a white background. You’ll read more about the types of white backgrounds in the article below; but in this case, for large groups, we were using a white bleached muslin for the background and floor. 

As a portrait studio owner for more than 17 years, I’ve pretty much seen it all, and because of having seen it all, we’re usually prepared for any event. We have a bag full of tissues and band-aids and hair binders and scotch tape and duct tape and bobby pins, straight pins, clothespins and safety pins – large and small. Anything and everything needed to fix and tighten costumes, bandage cuts, blot tears and hold bows and flowers and ribbons in place.

What we don’t typically carry are duplicate backgrounds. I mean really, what the hell’s going to happen to the background? 

So we’re set up in a separate room in the dance studio, just a couple of groups in, on the first night of a three-night event. We’re in the midst of doing the individual photos of one of the younger groups. Coach is helping them with their poses, my wife is keeping track of the ordering envelopes and all I have to do is stand there, say “smile,” and click the shutter.

A five-year-old little girl is standing on the background, coach gets her posed and then walks away to answer someone’s question. I’m talking to the little one, trying to coax a smile and she’s looking a little antsy. Just as I click the shutter her tiny bladder succumbs and she lets loose with the entire 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew she apparently had with supper – all over the white background floor.

The little girl is standing there in a puddle of pee with a shocked look on her face and I turn to coach and say, “Ah coach, we have a little problem here.”

Some quick blotting with towels got most of it and coach found a white sheet somewhere in the studio – oddly enough – and we threw that over the scene of the accident. And we all kept our mouths shut. Imagine if the word had gotten out; trying to get a bunch of little girls to stand/pose on this damp spot where somebody just peed?!?!?! “No way! Ick!”

That said, I have yet to have a high school senior pee on any of my backgrounds, which is a blessing. Enjoy the images below. And you know the drill; if you have questions just shoot me an email, that’s what I’m here for. That . . . . . . . and mopping up pee.

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