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Senior Girls Outdoor Standing Poses

Outdoor Standing Pose Magic – Move Your Camera

Outdoor standing poses for high school senior girls – about as simple as they come. You have the opportunity here, to create tons of variety for your subject with very little work. Obviously – the very little work part – is not the point. But variety is.

Something I think you’ll find interesting about outdoor standing poses is how easy it is to create a different image – by moving yourself and the camera – and leaving your subject in the same spot.

I use these railroad tracks – a lot – obviously. Here are four images on the railroad tracks that each have a different look and feel. On the first three images, the girls are in pretty much the same spot.

  • For the image of the girl with her hands in her hoodie pockets, I was shooting from north to south.
  • The girl who’s crouched down I was shooting south to north and just raised the camera angle to crop out the background.
  • For the image of the girl with her hands in her back pockets, I moved off to one side of the tracks and shot from southwest to northeast.
  • And finally, for the girl in the turquoise dress I placed her in the spot I usually shoot from and I stood in the spot where the girls are in the previous two images.

Point being, when you find a good spot outdoors, chances are the light is going to be good from several angles, take advantage of that fact by moving the camera; higher, lower, to the right to the left or 180 degrees in the other direction.


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