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Senior Girls Outdoor Close-up Poses

Outdoor Close-Up Portraits

In reality, any portrait can be made into a close-up portrait – just crop it tighter. And truth be told, I’ve done just that many times. Typically at a client’s request.

There’s a PPA Master Photographer in my area who loves to say, “every portrait needs a base.” While I don’t feel that’s necessarily true with a full-length image – it is important with close-up portraits.

Look at these two images. The girl in the blue sweater and the girl in the short sleeve green t-shirt have a base to the image. The blue sweater her elbows on her knees, the green t-shirt her arms on the fence. Both provide a stopping point for your eye – this is the bottom of the image.

Now, look at the image of the girl in the white and blue blouse. I don’t remember taking this image but I’m guessing this was either a quick zoom-in from a half-length image or done at the request of the client. 

The looser crop is as you see it in the gallery and as they ordered it. The tighter crop I did for this article. Are your eyes distracted by her arms in the looser crop? Mine are. That said, are your eyes distracted by the two little blobs of pink flesh at the bottom of the tighter cropped image?

It may seem like a horse a piece, but I like the tighter crop better. It has more of a base than the loose crop.

I like to include the hands in close-up images but then, of course, you deal with the challenge of posing the hands properly.

Just a couple of quick hand tips:

  • Always try to position the hands so the side of the hand – not the full fleshy back of the hand – is to the camera.
  • Keep in mind also, if there’s a joint – break it. In other words, have them bend their wrists.
  • And try to avoid exposing too many fingers. If you do have a hand with fingers exposed have it be the far side hand – not the one closest to the camera.


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Outdoor Close-Up Poses and Lighting – Videos & Articles

Creating close-up portraits outside is just like doing them in the studio, except you have the beautiful outdoor light to work with. Over the years I’d trained myself to look for the light – letting its quality and direction determine the location I used. READ IT HERE.


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