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Senior Girls Close-Up Poses

In-Studio Senior Girl Close-Up Poses

The eyes have it. Close-up portraits are all about the eyes. And to that end, you won’t see any image in this gallery with big cheesy grins. Most people squint their eyes when they smile big and you don’t want that – or at least I don’t want that – in my close-up portraits.

I’ve always found it fun to play around with the lighting on close-up portraits – especially for the eyes. I believe it was Larry Peters – the senior portrait King from London, Ohio – who helped invent the Westcott Eyelighter. [That is an affiliate link just so you can see what it looks like – I don’t think you should buy it.]. It’s basically a silver reflector bent in a curve so they can charge more than $250 for it. 

I was always going to make my own but I never did. You could just buy a piece of foil covered insulation board like this. Score it about every inch or so, so you can bend it in a curve. Then just cut out a piece of scrap plywood in a curved shape and lay the insulation board inside of it. Same thing for about 25 bucks. 

The idea is that the light bouncing up from the insulation board will put cool little, curved catchlights in the bottom of their iris; besides the normal main light catchlight. The eyes do look cool with that extra catchlight. If I wanted that look I’d just add it in Photoshop, using the dodge brush back and forth following the curve of the iris.

You can also get a cool effect by bumping up the hair light on your close-ups – especially on curly hair. Besides increasing the power of the hair light on these images I used the dodge brush again in Photoshop. I just brush along the existing highlight to increase the brightness as well as the contrast between the lights and darks. It really accentuates their curls.

And it’s okay to cut off the top of their heads – unless their Mom or Dad is an engineer;-) Non-creatives have a hard time dealing with cut off heads and tilted camera angles. 

One last tip: the vast majority of these images were a wider crop for the initial pose – and then I came in closer, tweaked – and did the close-up image. You have the lights set – don’t do just one image.

Enjoy and let me know if you have questions. Shoot me an email RIGHT HERE and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can.

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