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Senior Guys Sitting Poses

It has been my experience that senior guys look at the senior portrait experience a bit differently than senior girls.

High school senior girls, by and large, love having their pictures taken. Depending on the girl they may want you to make them look pretty or intelligent or athletic or fun, relaxed, confident – or all of the above all at once. Guys, on the other hand, just don’t want to look like a dork. (Not sure anyone says dork anymore but you get my drift. Nobody probably says get my drift either. It’s hell to be old.)

Take a look at this guy. You might think from his expressions he was difficult to work with; I don’t think we did any smiles. And as I recall we didn’t hit it off right away.

But once I understood what he wanted we rocked it. Sometimes guys are going to be shy – coupled with not wanting to look like a dork – might make them seem arrogant or conceited. You can’t let that get in the way of doing your best to create images he’s going to be proud of.

A little psychology aside. I have a book about George Hurrell, black and white photographer of Hollywood stars in the 1920′ and 30’s. He said he fell in love – in his head – with every starlet he photographed. He said it made him create better images – photographing someone he was in love with.

Unless you’re in your very early 20’s – male or female – you probably want to avoid falling in love – even in your head – with your senior subjects. What I did, if I had a subject I was having difficulty connecting with, was imagined them as my own son – or daughter. It helped me treat them with more kindness which of course improved our connection.

You want to keep guy poses simple. I understand I’m generalizing here. You are going to have guys who are willing to try everything – and that’s great. But I would say unless he tells you that right up front, move into it slowly. Pose him sitting and standing in ways that look natural for him. When he knows you’re not going to make him look like a dork he’ll begin to relax and you can move on to more challenging poses.

I remember one year I had this guy, center on the football team. Big kid – weight wise – built like a fireplug. He was a riot and he had to show me how he could do the splits. Yes, he was up for anything.

Study the poses below and start adding them to your repertoire. And of course, you know the drill; ask ’em if ya got him. RIGHT HERE.

Sample Gallery

Studio Sitting Poses and Lighting – Videos & Articles

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